R3 Funding is a National Lender Correspondent formed to provide Mortgage Brokers and Borrowers access to the various National Lenders located in New York City and Canada with secondary market debt products for long-term, fixed and floating rate, non-recourse commercial real estate loans.

We structure and arrange both debt and equity transactions to optimize our clients’ return on investment, offer very competitive commercial loan rates, and most importantly, close deals per the terms of the application.

The founders of R3 Funding have 50+ years of experience structuring more than $20.0 billion in commercial real estate transactions. As former senior executives at various Wall Street financial institutions, the firm has expertise in understanding the needs of all key stakeholders early in the process and structuring a transaction that works for all parties. This expertise, along with having deep-rooted relationships with the decision makers of these financial institutions, enables R3 funding to close transactions smoothly and per the terms of the application.

R3 Funding also specializes in advisory services for commercial real estate owners who need help navigating the loan restructuring and workout process with CMBS Servicers and Balance Sheet Lenders. As former successful bank lenders we understand the lender's needs as well as the complexities of the CMBS structure with the various Master and Special Servicer responsibilities and limitations. In addition we know the "decision makers" at these institutions that help to expedite the process and get a resolution that fits the needs of both our clients and the lenders. This advantage helps negotiations of Discounted Payoffs (DPO), Loan Bifurcations (A/B notes), interest rate and amortization relief, and recapitalizations. We manage the entire process from start to finish and align our interests with our clients by structuring the majority of our advisory fee being based on the amount of success in dollars we bring to our clients.